I support parents in remembering how to SHINE through Energetic Wellness and Spiritual Vitality, shifting mindset from limited to limitless. My intention is to elevate and enrich humanity whilst strengthening our relationship with Earth and our soulful origin, through extraordinary nurturing and radical transformation. My approach is holistic, and whole-being focused. I am passionate about play, protecting and preserving childhood and our ancestral wisdom, repairing generational trauma, authenticity, embodiment and helping others fall madly in love with themselves.

Warm greeting lovelies! I am Ashley (she/her) but my beloveds call me Yum, an endearing name that I adore, given to me almost two decades ago. I am a Holistic Educator, Professional Nurturer, Mistress of Ceremony, Conduit of Divine Healing, Creatrix, Activist, and an accomplished kitchen witch. I am a heARTful mama to two extraordinary boys, mothering with intention and integrity to heal a broken world. I am working to continually transform myself, to support and uplift other women/mothers and guardians so that we may raise our frequencies, live authentically and usher in a new paradigm. I represent metamorphosis, understanding that life cultivation is paramount to sustaining and attaining our spirit’s purpose. I have known great privilege, excessive trauma, and befriended the ordinary. All of which has led me to ever increasing compassion, a deeper understanding of the drama of existence and increased desire for UNITY. It is our birthright to be healed, holy, and whole. YOU deserve the magnitude of Universal Blessings. Let your SOUL SHINE. 

Our goal is THRIVING HEALTH and EMBRACING OUR WHOLENESS. Navigating the transition from surviving to thriving. It is human nature to constantly strive for perfection; to desire more, easier, higher, better, more “spiritual”.  However, the quest for perfection is ludicrous and leads to overwhelm and frustration. We aim to MASTER LOVE, harnessing our real, raw, authentic selves in all the glory and all the mess. Alchemizing the 10,000 joys and 10,000 sorrows, as the Buddha taught, we work to illuminate what can shift and make peace with that which cannot. We show up for reality AS IT IS and then create space for expansion, flow, creativity, intuition, and the ability to see the humor whilst making semblance of this game called life. When we move out of *unnecessary*, outdated beliefs and programs (judgment/criticism of self and others, stuck trauma, fear, guilt, shame, doubt, worry, sorrow, grief) and into contentment, celebration, ceremony, we up-level the global consciousness into abundant wealth and spread it like wildfire. The result is an easier, more joyfully connected existence. I have always been counter-culture, a student of Mama Gaia, many spiritual leaders, traditional medicine keepers, phenomenal healers, wise elders, and mentors since the age of 11. My sense of “self”, that represents my passions and purpose, is because of these revered beings and the supreme love of my life and best friend, Drew. https://www.presentpapa.com/

Part of my soul contract is to protect and preserve the sanctity of LIFE, by viewing early childhood as sacred AND exalting the feminine. I have been specializing in holistic child development for the last 12 years but after becoming a mother myself, living in a country that does NOT value us, I quickly realized that the best way to support children and our collective future is to embrace their parents. My heart pours into the metamorphosis of motherhood*. Presently, I offer my signature, Shine and Align Alchemical Sessions, that will revitalize you mind, body and spirit, while harnessing the power of ThetaHealing®. I host Mama Magic monthly date nights that playfully nurture the nurturer. I am a Certified Innate Traditions Postpartum Practitioner; Revolutionary Care: Revitalized Rootz. In addition, I offer consulting work as a Simplicity Parenting Family Life Coach, and facilitate Blossom and Bee, Mommy and Me Circles as a Community Supported Postpartum Leader. I hold a BA in Humanities/R.S with emphasis on Culture and Consciousness from CSU, Chico as well as Teaching Credentials in Early Childhood Education. I have trained in many educational philosophies ( Waldorf, Montessori, R.I.E, Lifeways, Reggio, Pickler) and was a Lead Waldorf EC teacher for 8 years. My journey as a professional in the Healing Arts began in 2004 as a LMT, (Licensed Massage Therapist) and lightworker and I continue to passionately immerse myself in studying holistic “wealth” and nutrition. I have traveled the globe, studying and gathering wisdom, forming the foundation from which I serve. I weave my extensive knowledge as an educator, healing artist, and compassionate caregiver with my drive to empower a connected community, facilitating deeply nourishing ceremonies, in home services, virtual series, workshops, and gatherings.

* While I use language that centers the feminine in all of us, I understand “Mother” to be a nurturing archetype. My services are INCLUSIVE and welcoming of the LGBTQIA+ community that connects with the feminine within. The need for care and compassion is UNIVERSAL. 


EQUITY in action: Please inquire about scholarships, sliding-scale rates and trades.