Belly Casts and Bowls

Congratulations Mama! You’re growing a tiny human being with eyeballs and a brain. Think on that for a moment. Breath it in, YOU are phenomenal! Your body is in metamorphosis, what can be more spectacular than that?

Belly casting and belly bowls are a creative, superbly fun, pampering, pleasurable way to celebrate your radiant body, representing the divine feminine. You may be reading this during a complicated pregnancy and/or feeling worn down, exhausted, and far from sexy. Let me remind you that you are MamaMarvelous! Pregnancy is a rite of passage, it’s certainly far from a walk in the park, but with every ache and pain, stretch mark or belt size up, as nauseous as we may be, a tiny baby growing. Perhaps you feel incredible and filled with spirit, either way, you are a life-force. Your womb is the whole universe to your little one.

I am passionate about making art that honors this miracle. By saying yes to a cast, you are empowering yourself. Whether a whole torso cast displaying your full bosoms for you proud milky mamas or a subtle bowl that is your secret trophy, this unique piece of art is a treasured display of your body’s ability to provide unconditional love.

After a phone consultation, we work together to design this once in a lifetime sculpture. I work using an airbrush, stencils and my favorite, hand drawing, before painting with acrylic. The actual casting takes about an hour but that is only the beginning of the artistic journey.  I take great care to make the process a memorable experience. The materials used are safe, non-toxic and feel amazing as the mold is warm and sensual.

Following the consultation, we make a mold of you and your child’s union using plaster that has been added to gauze (perhaps your first art project together). Once dry, I bring it back to my studio as much time and many days go into sanding, smoothing and priming. After, I use a layering technique to make the paint pop and your vision adds the personal pizazz. After it’s sealed and assembled with the proper mount or stand it’s complete. You will have a symbolic representation of the masterpiece growing inside of you.

*Please allow 2-3 weeks after our session for your special piece to return to you.

I am available to cast at your choice of location (within 30 miles of Nashville or Clarksville) or you are welcome to come to me.  When traveling, I provide all the materials and ensure that your space is clean and tidy upon leaving.