Blossom & Bee: Mommy and Me Circle

Blossom and Bee a Mommy and Me Circle 

Rooted in Love, Bee-coming the Blossom

“There are two gifts we should give our children, one is roots, the other, wings.” 

Blossom and Bee is a series of 8 (2-hour) gatherings, inviting mamas in their 3rd trimester and new mamas and babes in their first year postpartum, into a supportive environment. There is a metamorphosis that takes place as we become Mama-Marvelous and ALL mothers deserve to be honored. Blossom and Bee offers compassion, community, shared wisdom, practical and simple self-care techniques, reflection, and exploration so that all leave feeling uplifted, balanced, nourished and empowered.  Our model is based on a holistic approach with inspirations from Mothering Arts in hopes to nurture the nurturer, free from judgement where “all are welcome here”. The mission is to cherish the heART of motherhood, with influences from ancestral wisdom from GLOBAL traditions to modern practices.  We will share about real life, both pleasures and pains, through guided discussions that focus on practical, simple, tangible practices to educate us on how to HEAL OURSELVES from root (pelvis) to shoot (crown), womb-tomb. In addition to mama-centered content, we have ample time to connect deeply with our babes during this mindful and reverent time. A safe, sensory-rich space is created so that babies may explore social and independent play as we bond through gentle games and songs. In addition, we will welcome a local wise woman from the community, bi-weekly, to come chat and gift us tips in theme with the topic of the week. A nutritious, high-vibrational, traditional PP recovery meal with recipe,  High Garden tea, and a pampering gift are provided each session with (optional, stress-less) take-home readings.  

Within each child lies the seed and desire of potentiality, love is what nourishes the seed to blossom.” 

Not forest, garden, meadow, nor orchard came into being from one seed alone. 

Topic/themes may include but are not limited to:
–  Traditional self-healing techniques for whole-body recovery
– New life navigation maiden to Mama-Marvelous
– Healthy home rhythms
– Mighty meals, happy herbs to replenish and restore
– Sacred YES and Holy NO-respecting boundaries
– Creating a rich learning laboratory
– Relinquishing the critic, releasing self-judgment
– Infant massage and healing arts
– Movement, song and games for parents and babies
– Cherishing our postpartum bodies
– Inviting wonder into daily life
– Respectful connections for the whole family: Intro to Simplicity Parenting

Kindly sign up in advance as spaces are very limited *10 pairs total*


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