Blossom & Bee, Mommy and Me Circle

“Within each child lies the seed and desire of potentiality, love is what nourishes the seed to blossom.” 

“There are two gifts we should give our children, one is roots, the other, wings.” 

Blossom and Bee is a series of 4 (2-hour) gatherings, inviting mamas in their 3rd trimester and new mamas and babes in their first year postpartum, into a supportive environment. We’re calling on new mamas, kindred spirits inspired by This IS elevated, enriched, education to help YOU heal YOURSELF, well beyond the 4th Trimester. Maternal health is foundational to societal health. There is a metamorphosis that takes place as we go through the portal to become a Mother. Our model is based on a holistic approach in hopes to nurture the nurturer, where “all are welcome here”. The mission is to cherish the heART of motherhood.

We are weaving together ancestral wisdom from global traditions with modern applications that are practical, tangible, simple and inexpensive. We will discuss how this Traditional Wisdom correlates to evidence based-science. These care techniques will support you from womb to tomb, matrecence-menopause. Each session you may receive loving touch, sound-healing, opportunities for meditation/ breath-work and a traditional post-baby, nutrient-dense meal with recipes to take home accompanied by High Garden teas  (herbal health care). I send out inspirations each week with additional (optional) resources.

This is an opportunity for those longing for meaningful connections in order to create a sisterhood, a union, a care-team. Your sharing/contributions will impact us collectively. We honor your story, voices, experiences, questions and concerns. Postpartum depletion/dis-ease/disappointment is an epidemic in our country. If you’re curious about these SACRED sessions, if you’re ready to share wealth of health and dose this medicine, you’re welcome here exactly as you are.

We all know healers and resources in OUR city that we will recommend to each other. It takes a village and that is why this is COMMUNITY SUPPORTED postpartum care. The health and vitality of the MOTHER equals the health of all of our future generations. Babies are not only welcomed but encouraged. We discuss Mama-centered content but always baby-led focus. There is ample time to bond with baby through songs, games, infant massage, or tiny-tots yoga followed by quite observation.

I want this to be a catalyst for change in our community and spread this vision far beyond our **ceremonial** circle. WE will plant SEEDS of LOVE for a metamorphosis.

Rooted in Love, Bee-coming the Blossom

Not forest, garden, meadow, nor orchard came into being from one seed alone.

Kindly sign up in advance as spaces are very limited *4 pairs total* due to Covid precautions. My home has plenty of space to spatially distance and our living room walls are made of multiple widows for extra ventilation.

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