Consulting (Birth to 7 years)

“When the root is deep, there is no reason to fear the wind”

Weeding, Cultivating, and Harvesting the garden of early childhood.

Early childhood is the most vital time in a child’s life and the health of the physical, emotional, and social development lays the foundation for a healthy brain, playing a critical role in shaping the total wellbeing of the individual. Ashley has years of practical experience, theory, and keen insight into early child development, what UNICEF calls “The key to a full and productive life”.  She strives to support parents in understanding the inner perspectives of children and how this lens can create an abundance of pleasure, creativity, calm and internal regulation with less undesirable behavioral patterns. I have specialized in holistic, child development for 12 years and have a treasure-chest full of tools and techniques to keep your parenting skills polished.  If specialized help is needed, I can help refer to a wide array of professionals. My approach is relation-based, connected, responsive, respectful of the  child and their unique temperament, developmental and emotional needs.

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