Mama Magic

A meaningful, monthly meetup hosted by Raising Our Rootz, curated to be a nurturing space for guardians to ground and revitalize their body, mind, and spirits. Come as an overworked mom (welcoming all those that identify with the mothering archetype) and leave feeling reconnected to your autonomous self.

The flow of the evening is 3-fold:

Nourish: Down-regulate your nervous system while connecting with your soul-kin.  Indulge in a restorative meal and divine elixirs. Pamper yourself or a friend with apothecary treasures as you offer space and time for self-centered care. There will be plethora of tools to choose from. So often our bodies get denied in favor of the mind and our internal realities. Tending to the body, relaxing the body, being present with our bodies is step one on a path towards peacefulness and slower, more manageable thought patterns.

Ritual: Circle up and melt the stress away as you RECIEVE a sound immersion by Dru-ID, a classically trained medicine musician followed by energetic hygiene exercises and embodiment practices. This sacred ceremony strengthens our connections to our truest nature. We will share raw, authentic stories of what we are ready to birth into the NU world.

Play: The antidote to stress is PLAY. Align with ease and joy. Join us around the fire as we exchange deep roaring belly laughs, shake it off with ecstatic dance, or chill and exchange tarot readings, craft, or other musings. There will always be an opportunity to activate your inner creatrix. The Shine Home was intended as a space for healing, connection, and pleasure. We are calling you in to re-awaken your inner-child. You will return home feeling centered, refreshed, and inspired.