Mama Marvelous Maternity Celebration

A Mama Shower is a gathering honoring the mother to be, marking her journey into motherhood. This is a time for her closest female friends and family to come together to lift her up through pampering, playful rituals, and symbolism, celebrating the woman’s abilities to grow and birth life, pouring love into her by adorning her with affirmations, inspirations, imaginations, and encouragement. This varies greatly from a baby shower that places the focus on the baby, materialistic presents, and is more open to the wider social group.

The roots of this ceremony are adapted with reverence from the First Nations Navajo (Diné) people’s traditional Blessingway. Fifty percent of the earnings for a Maternity Celebration will go directly to the traditional birth keepers. This sacred ceremony marks a maidens’ transformation into motherhood. The emphasis is on preparing the mother emotionally and spiritually for the phenomena ahead, releasing fear, and predisposed anxieties. Every pregnancy is precious, and this ceremony is certainly not limited to the birth of the first child.

Each circle is unique, based on the interests and desires of the mama/sisterhood but traditionally there are 5 stages of the ritual: beginning, shifting, focusing, completing, and feasting. Ashley’s role is to plan and facilitate by contacting and inviting desired attendees, preparing and addressing the symbolic desires of the new mama, guiding the group with meaningful activities, and afterwards, continuing to stand by as part of the new mama’s support system.

Ashley is particularly sensitive to cultural appropriation and only offers rituals that are respectful to, and influenced by, a wide range of cultures. Examples are bathing the mother’s feet in herbal water, offering touch through massage or brushing her hair, making her a floral crown, feeding her high vibrational foods, singing to her and speaking affirmations, making her jewelry or artwork, visualizations, sharing positive birth ceremonies, henna, and belly painting or casting.

If you are interested in learning more details or would like to host a gathering, please contact Ashley for a consultation, she would love to hear from you.