Nanny/Babysitter Training

Imagine kissing your little one before starting your work day or heading out on a date-night and feeling at ease, even joyful, fully confident that you provided child-focused care that you and your little love feels great about. As parents we want the optimal for our children always and we must make certain sacrifices to ensure their comfort, safety, and education, including working hard to cover the bills. If you are able to hire a nanny or babysitter for in-home care then Ashley desires to help ensure that your caregiver of choice is well suited to provide care for your most sacred treasure.  Many babysitters/nannies have loads of child-watching experience but not many have education in child-development, specialized care, infant care (especially important), positive discipline/gentle parenting and safety management.

Ashley is a trained and experienced teacher who loves to help others feel self-assured when working with children to support their ever-changing needs and growing desires. You may hire Ashley to gently guide your child’s guardian in a four-hour session for a flat fee. Together they will cover:

  • basics of child development while paying close attention to your child’s age
  • the importance of rhythm and time management
  • the power of play and imagination
  • age-appropriate activities including sensory integration, songs and games
  • milestones and expectations
  • the virtues of positive care-giving
  • creative strategies for various personalities and behaviors
  • alternatives to screen time.
  • every attendee will receive a packet of reading materials and list of resources.

It’s a priceless investment to have peace of mind when entrusting your child in the helping hands of others, and those hands should be experienced, knowledgeable, kind, compassionate, trustworthy and confident.

4 hours for 4-star care $150

Group discounts are available.