Elevating and enriching humanity whilst strengthening our relationship with our Earthly kin, by means of extraordinary nurturing. Supporting creative caregivers/mothers/guardians and those receptive of care (children/people with disabilities) from pre-conception through the wisdom years. My approach is holistic, wholesome and whole-being focused. I am passionate about play, protecting and preserving childhood, authenticity, embodiment and helping others fall madly in love with themselves. I am incredibly grateful that you’ve arrived here.

From ThetaHealing® Alchemical Sessions, Mama & Baby Circles and Innate Traditions Postpartum Care for new Mothers; to Luminous Mama Ceremonies for those expecting or honoring their role as a parent with Mama Magic evenings, Simplicity Parenting to help navigate through all stages of life, please let me know how I can best serve your family.

Based in Asheville, NC. I would like to honor, recognize and respect the traditional, ancestral lands, unceded by the Tsalaguwetiyi/Eastern Band of Cherokee peoples on which I am living and working from today. Many of of my offerings are in-person but several, such as Theta Healing and Consults, can easily be virtual and just as effective.

*10% of all earnings go directly to support BLACK and INDIGENOUS owned and operated birth communities.

*10% will be donated to support Ukrainian refugees, prioritizing children, women and families. My father’s family fled Ukraine as refugees during the Stalin era.

EQUITY in action: Please inquire about scholarships, sliding-scale rates and trades.

My services are INCLUSIVE. Care and compassion are Universal needs.

Please see “about” page for more information.