Postpartum Doula

No matter how your baby came into the world, every labor and every delivery is phenomenal. The newborn period, often referred to as the “Fourth Trimester”, is a sacred time to bond with babe. Equally as important is placing emphasis on the health and recovery of the mother, especially during the first 42 days. Throughout history, in nearly every culture there has been intimate caregiving provided by close female relatives and friends to support the wellbeing, physically and emotionally of the new mama and her tiny new addition to humanity. The job of the postpartum doula is to work closely with mother and child,  ” mothering the new mother”, meticulously tending to their delicate needs during this most sacred period.  No one is able to give from an empty cup. In order to care for our loved ones, we must work to make sure that we are cared for as well. Ashley demonstrates reverence and wishes for you strength, health and peace, in mind, heart, body and spirit.

Ashley’s goal is to nurture the nurturer and provide skills that both pamper, please, and add peace of mind to the parents, no matter if it’s the first child or the fourth. Before her journey began as an educator and doula she owned and operated a healing arts practice in California for a decade. She has spent her whole adult life researching about health and wellness and has a passion to utilize heart-centered, non-judgmental, compassionate care to educate families on ways to support optimal living. Her goal as a postpartum doula is to be an aide to this new life navigation, creating as much harmony for mama and babe as possible. That may be to help educate and refer on the basics of breastfeeding and bonding, cook vibrational, highly nutrient dense foods to restore, care for the baby so mom can take the time to bathe, breath, and be, tidy the home so the stress melts away or provide super fun, engaging activities to occupy and please the older children.

Evidence-based Information and Advocacy: Ashley has been trained by a DONA International Certified Instructor and is continually researching peer-reviewed, academic research to provide the most up to date information.

Emotional and Physical Support for Mommy: Checking to assure you are properly healing, answering questions, listening deeply without judgement while keeping things confidential, reassuring your caregiving skills, making sure you are eating enough, keeping you comfortable and helping with walking and propping in bed or couch, looking for signs of the baby blues and postpartum mood disorder, assistance with the basics of breastfeeding and especially gifting ideas to promote attachment and bonding.

Baby Care: Heart-centered, gentle care for baby including diapering, bathing, cord care, holding and soothing, feeding (breastmilk or formula) and nurturing so that you have time to rest and refresh. If you have older children, this can allow time for you to spend special time with them.

Partner Support: To ensure that everyone feels confident and comfortable with the new baby and aware of the great needs of the new mom, whether the romantic partner, friend or family member, the goal is to have everyone on board the train to optimal health and wellbeing for all parties. If you need assistance with extended family that may not be exactly who you want by your bedside, have no fear, Ashley utilizes great tact so that you may ride the wave of oxytocin bliss without having to be the host or educator.

Specialized Diets: Always highly nutrient dense, she pours love into all the scrumptious food she prepares. GF, Paleo, Vegan/Vegetarian, Raw (though not recommended) can easily be accommodated.

Intentional Childcare: While the work of the doula is to serve mother and baby, she is a Certified Early Childhood teacher and is happy to accommodate those families with older children so that mom and dad have as much free time to bond with the newest addition.

Organization: Help with laundry, nursery, baby announcements, and thank you notes.

Pet Care: Ashley is passionate about animals, an animal advocate and will be more than happy to care for the other members of your family.

Healing Arts: Ashley has great respect for the tremendous amount of energy that goes into carrying and delivering a baby. Her skilled, professional, healing hands are available to soothe mother and child with a variety of theraputic techniques.

Errands: If you need supplies from the grocery store or drug store or other essential errands, Ashley can be your gopher so you can rest and not drag your babe around town.

Referrals: When out of the scope of Ashley’s practice you will be referred to other professionals (ex: doctors, therapists, lactation consultants, sleep specialist, etc.)