ThetaHealing® – Shine and Align Alchemical Sessions

Subconscious Cognitive Revitalization for Energetic and Emotional Health

ThetaHealing® is a potent meditation technique that integrates advanced energy work, kinesiology, intuitive readings, and quantum science principles to facilitate rapid healing of mind, body and spirit. This phenomenological approach supports the practitioner in identifying, clearing, and reprograming limited beliefs and outdated patterns, and removing deeply held blocks and trauma from the client’s subconscious field into more manageable and pleasurable thought patterns. This technique was founded by Vianna Stibal and has been so effective that there are ThetaHealing® practitioners around the globe in 180 + counties and growing.

ThetaHealing® is transformational, allowing one to feel a greater sense of wellbeing, harmony, balance, and peace by shifting one’s “blueprint” resulting in a change at the cellular level. The experience is tranquil and nourishing. I have spent nearly 2 decades as a professional in the healing arts and it is my deepest desire to make you feel safe, nurtured, and empowered. You will present a theme or desired outcome for the session. We will assess what you would like to shift, such as an undesired pattern, habit and/or conditioned belief. Together, we will use an advanced mediation technique to enter a Theta state (brainwave frequency 3.5-7.5Hz) and bridge the conscious with the subconscious realms.

Expert scientists believe that theta waves are important for processing information, tied to a repository for memories, emotions, and sensations. When holding a theta state, one is connected to creativity, intuition, spiritual awareness, stress reduction, restfulness, contentment, and dreamtime. As we explore the inner chambers of your subconscious, we will pull and clear unwanted beliefs, releasing the voice of conditioning from your parents, partners, culture, and teachers. Replacing them through activations and downloads that are channeled with intuitive guidance. This healing modality is 100% consent-based. For each and every single belief/feeling that we clear and replace, I ask that you give your permission with a clear “yes”, “no” or “clarity” to hear more information. I am nothing more than the conduit and the work is directly between you and Divine Intelligence. The effects can feel miraculous. From this metamorphosis, the recipient becomes more aligned with SOURCE (omniscient, unconditional love) and their empowered self, becoming freer to harness the Sacred Force of their highest potential. You deserve this!

I currently offer three options for ThetaHealing® Sessions. In all cases, you will be asked to fill out an intake form before our session to help us navigate how to best serve you. I offer the option of the sessions being recorded. Similar to receiving a massage, the receiver can feel a bit dreamy, like their “head is in the clouds”. The experience of ThetaHealing® is very hard to describe. When we listen to the recordings, it can help reinforce the work we do together in both the conscious and subconscious fields.

Please contact me for a complementary discovery call. 828-470-7741 or

Option 1: 90-120 minute In-Person or Zoom meeting. I work with recipients Internationally, based out of the traditional lands of the Tsalaguwetiyi (Cherokee) and the S’atsoyaha (Yuchi) People, known currently as Asheville, North Carolina, U.S.

$150-$200 sliding scale, investment in up-leveling.

Option 2: My signature in-person, Shine and Align, Alchemical Sessions at The Shine Home in South Asheville. This is a 3.5-4 hour session held in a warm and welcoming space. This is a dream I’ve carried for many years with the idea of “re-villaging”. When you step into my home, I hope you feel as though I am one of your aunties/sis-stars/good friends. Our goal is to “nurture the nurturer” so that you feel deeply held, honored, uplifted, empowered and awake to manifesting infinite possibilities. I have been a professional in the Healing Arts since 2004 and I give you my all in every session.

I welcome you in as family, and I FEED you like my ancestors taught me: from my heart and soul. You have the option between a few seasonally crafted, supremely healthy, organic meals. You may require something heartier or more fresh/vibrant that day. You’ll have access to my apothecary, and you’ll always have a warm herbal infusion in hand. After we chat about what’s happening in your current existence, we set intentions and pay homage to Land, the ancestors, and our energetic assistants, thanking the Universe and asking to receive abundant blessings.

With your nervous system already starting to down-regulate, we go into a safe and inviting space. We will curate a ceremony to pamper you. You may choose to sit on the velvet loveseat, lie in a zero-gravity chair, or massage table with a crystal grid around you. Soak your tootsies in a hot, scarlet-rose/cacao infusion while tuning into the body through sound-healing, Breathwork or Yoga Nidra. There is a plethora of embodied offerings that I can assist you in selecting from options such as Tapping, Sacred Temple Arts, Herbal Body Oiling, Facilitated Stretching, Emotional Code, Acupressure, Lymphatic Drainage, Reiki (second degree), Somatic Practices, Mindfulness Activities, Elemental Alignments, Guided Visualizations, Relational Play, Womb Nourishing, Moxa. Every session is like a “choose your own adventure”, catering to the person you are on that very day. You’ll feel superb as we begin the ThetaHealing® session. As we close, you’ll have space to integrate while you enjoy a snack and elixir before returning to the hustle of life. You will receive a take home gift to offer my gratitude and I always encourage a follow up call to help with integration, in the following weeks.

$320-$360, sliding scale, investment in revitalizing and up-leveling yourself.

Option 3: If you have a local home, rental or hotel that you love, I am willing to travel. I ask that this space be peaceful and comfortable, free from distractions so that we can align with Divine guidance. Are you planning a sacred gathering with close kin? Ask about group rates.

* Rates for Option 3 are similar to Option 1-2 depending on what your goals are and will be discussed during a discovery call.